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Our Vision

To commercialize Quantum technologies for the safety & security of cyber systems globally. Become world’s leading company in the field of Quantum technology within 10 years.

Our Mission

We seek to engage with corporate entities, govt. establishments & premier research institutions globally for effective adaptation and spread of our technology for commercial consideration.


Incorporated in 2018 we are India’s pioneer Quantum Tech. company with existing revenue stream. We aspire to be a key player in upcoming Quantum roadmaps of India & Globally, for which the potential is estimated in excess of10 Bn$.
Based on extensive research, Taqbit offers solution in deep technology area of Quantum Key Distribution. This is an advanced technology and is currently being experimented by few leading countries of the world. We are the pioneers of this technology in India & in the Region with huge potential to grow globally in coming years
Our Technology has been tested and approved by leading Govt. & Scientific institutions for their applications. Our expert team comprises of experienced Physicists, techies & corporate strategists.
Technically speaking, Taqbit saw the opportunity to bring QKD out of the lab and into the commercial space. To do so, we solve QKD’s distance limitations, reliability problems and point-to-point transmission capabilities. Through our path breaking technology, we envision enhancing the security in data communication by integrating modern quantum technology within existing infrastructure. Our applications in end to end encryption has high relevance in aerospace, defense, manufacturing, finance & healthcare sectors alongside next gen technologies like - Big data, IOT, Clouds & Crypto currencies.

What we do...?

The (glaring) Problem -> Opportunity -> Our Solution
The security & stability of any digital system in Defense sector, Banks, fintech or corporate establishments (in terms of information flow, data management & storage) is dependent on the strength of its encryption. With the advent of Quantum Computers, the age-old classical encryptions of current systems are at threat due to the exponential increase in computing power hence they will soon become obsolete. In coming years all encryptions being used currently will be vulnerable to Quantum computers as stated by RSA global conference 2017 - RNG attack is one of the 'Seven Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques' that our digital systems will be exposed to. This is a clear & present threat to our defense establishments, Banks & Data centers.
Taqbit provides Quantum based encryption that is not based on any mathematical or predictable model or any algorithm, instead it is guaranteed by Quantum Physics. The encryptions provided by Taqbit is truly random & cannot be hacked ever. Hence our digital systems will become even more secure with Taqbit QKD solution.

For the layman
As an example – Let us say you have a briefcase of information with random number locks. You can choose your own number as a key to the lock the briefcase. However, if your number is known or gets predictable by a person or computer the lock may be opened and information stolen. This process of putting locks on data is called encryption. In current times, these encryptions are based on algorithms or set of rules known to only a secret source. On one hand they can be compromised and on the other with the advent of Quantum computers these encryptions can be broken in matter of seconds. This is because Quantum computers work on Qubits and hence have exponential processing powers.
Taqbit provides a quantum lock that is generated by laws of Quantum physics and cannot be even predicted by quantum compute toe even by its own source. Hence this next gen encryption is what all will need to protect their cyber systems & communications.

Quantum Cryptography

It applies principles of quantum mechanics to encrypt messages in a way that it is never read by anyone outside of the intended recipient.


It is impossible to create an identical copy of an arbitrary unknown quantum state.

No eavesdropping

Attempts to eavesdrop on a transmission between two parties inevitably modifies the particles’ states, and the two parties can know if the key is secure or should be discarded

Quantum Secure

Using quantum mechanical properties to perform cryptographic tasks we can achieve secure way of encryption making it quantum safe


The Key To Our Computing Future Is Expected To Lie In The Application Of Quantum Theory

Our Products

Quantum Key Distribution

Securely shares encryption keys, protected by the laws of physics. Safe from the most advanced attacks, even from quantum computers.

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